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0647 Tri-Flyer Flying Model Stem Kit and Launch Set

Get Ready for Lift-Off

If you're new to rocketry, the Tri-Flyer is your perfect starting point. It's designed to be simple and exciting, so you can have a blast right from the beginning!

Rocket Basics

Size: The Tri-Flyer stands about 2 feet tall and is less than an inch wide. It's just the right size for easy handling.
Weight: It's lightweight, allowing for it soar up into the sky.

3 Is Greater Than One

With 3 included fin cans, you have the opportunity to experience multiple different flights with your rocket! Use these different fin cans to complete the activities in the included STEM activity book!

Safe Return

After its high-flying adventure, the Tri-Flyer comes back to Earth gently. A special parachute system ensures a smooth landing every time.

What You Need

All you need to get started is a safe place to launch, a launch pad like the Porta Pad II, and a small rod to support the rocket. These are easy to find and use.

Perfect for Ages 10+

Whether you're 10 or 110, the Tri-Flyer is a great way to have fun with rockets. It's designed for beginners, so you can start your rocketry adventure at any age.

Bringing STEM to Life

The Tri-Flyer is more than just a rocket—it's a way to make STEM subjects exciting and hands-on. You'll see science and engineering in action with every launch. With five STEM activities included, the possibilities for learning are paramount! With activities to test flight speed and altitude, the sky really is the limit with the Tri-Flyer!

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