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305 S. West Street 
Charles Town, WV 25414

Mon- Thurs: 10am - 6pm
Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 4pm

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You Can’t Say Umm


  • NO ‘UMMs’ or ‘ERRs’ ALLOWED – One player has to describe random items to their team mates to get points – but the other team gets points if the player says ‘Umm’, ‘Err’, ‘Ah’ or uses any verbal fillers
  • DING DING! YOU’VE BEEN CAUGHT OUT! – The opposing team has to listen to the player describing the words to their team, if they hear ‘Umm’ , they ring the bell and collect a point each time
  • LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY: Its harder than you think trying to not say the forbidden sounds and even harder with the other team giggling each time they catch their opponents out
  • MADE FOR GAME NIGHT: Crazy card game combos, a noisy bell and the other team watching your every move… this is the ultimate party game for families, adults and big groups. Plus it is quick to learn and wasy to play!
  • SPICE IT UP: Once the basics are mastered, new challenges add to the fun. For example, you’ve gotta read all your cards in a high-pitched voice or you can’t use words beginning with ‘C’. In this family friendly adult party game, new challenges keep on coming.


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    • 681-252-0861
    • 305 S. West Street
      Charles Town, WV 25414